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Medela UK Ltd

Huntsman Drive, Northbank Industrial Park, Irlam, Manchester, M44 5EG, U.K.
Telephone: 0161 776 0400


October 9, 2021Medela’s symposium calls for improved infant health outcomes by protecting and promoting breastfeeding
August 18, 2021Medela Family app connects expectant and new parents to expert breastfeeding support
March 3, 2020Big Breastfeeding Cafe returns for 2020
December 4, 2019Medela swings into first place at the 2019 Baby Awards
November 5, 2019Medela unveils its most advanced breast pump yet
February 28, 2019Medela's Swing lands national award for best breast pump
August 16, 2018One in three parents choose Medela breast pumps
December 19, 2017Medela breastfeeding symposium provides insight into research
April 30, 2017The Big Breastfeeding Cafe is back
February 28, 2017Medela launches breastfeeding app
February 28, 2017Medela breast pump wins gold
June 30, 2016Medela hosts breastfeeding event



Bottles, Feeding

Calesca - Breastmilk Warming and Thawing Device

Calesca Disposable Inserts - Disposable component for Calesca

Calmita Starter & Advanced - Calmita is designed to support neonatal oral feeding development. It is an innovative research-based hospital feeding solution that allows preterm and term infants to practise and apply their individual and natural sucking behaviour.

Disposable Bottle Labels and Dispenser - Labels to Record name, quantity, time and date

Disposable Bottle Set 150ml - Ready to Use Bottle Set (320 pk)

Disposable Bottle Set 80ml - Ready to Use Bottle Set (480 pk)

Disposable Colostrum Bottle Set 35ml - Ready to Use Colostrum Bottle Set (50 pk of 2)

Disposable Cup Feeder - Un-sterile Pack of 10 or Sterile pack of 50

Finger Feeders - Un-Sterile pack of 5

SoftCup Advanced Cup Feeder - Ideal for feeding babies with sucking difficulties

SpecialNeeds Feeder - Designed for babies who are unable to create a vacuum due to certain syndromes

Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) - Ideal way to administer supplemental nutrition to babies while they are being breastfed

Breast Packs/Pads/Shells/Shields

Breastshells - Protects sore or cracked nipples before and after breastfeeding (2pk

Contact Nipple Shield - Available in S,M and L (16mm,20mm and 24mm

Hydrogel Pads - Instant soothing relief for sore or cracked nipples (10pk of 4)

Nipple Formers - Helps correct flat or inverted nipples (2pk)

PersonalFit Breastshields - Available in S,M,L,XL and XXL (20mm,24mm,27mm,30 and 36mm)

Purelan 100 - Lanolin nipple cream helps soothe sensitive or dry nipples. 7g and 37g Tube or 1.5g sample

Quick Clean Microwave Bags - Breastfeeding accessories can be disinfected in around three minutes, eliminating 99.9 % of the most harmful bacteria and germs.

Breast Pumps

Freestyle - 2 Phase Double Electric Breast Pump with high level performance

Harmony - 2 Phase Manual Breast Pump

MEDSET CM - Sterile Single Pump set (48 pk)

Swing - 2 Phase Single Electric Breast Pump

Swing Maxi - 2 Phase Double Electric Breast Pump

Symphony Double Pump Set - Rental and Reusable Pump Set Complete

Symphony One Day Pump Set - Sterile Ready to Use Pump set Complete Available with different size breastshields S,M,L,XL and XXL (21mm,24mm,27mm,30mm and 36mm)

Symphony PLUS - Symphony PLUS: Initiate, builds and maintain an adequate milk production

Symphony Single Pump Set - Rental and Reusable Pump Set Complete

Milk Banking


BiliBed - Highly Efficient Phototherapy for the treatment of Hyperbilirubinemia of new-borns

Disposable Bilicombi - Bilicombi to BiliBed

Phototherapy Lamp - Phototherapy system

Washable Bilicombi - Bilicombi to BiliBed

Suction Equipment

Disposable Canister Set to Thopaz - Available in 0.3 and 0.8 litre

Dominant 35 c/i mobile - incl. trolley

Dominant 50 mobile - incl. Trolley

FMS (Fluid Managment System) - Available in 1, 2, 3 and 5 litre

Thopaz Thorax Drainage Pump - For thoracic drainage

Vario 18 AC -

Vario 18 AC/DC -

Vario 18 c/i AC/DC medium vacuum - Constant and intermittent suction

Vario 8 AC -

Vario 8 AC/DC -

Vario 8 c/i AC/DC low vacuum - Constant and intermittent suction