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Current use of probiotics in neonatal units in England

Recent studies and meta-analyses suggest that probiotic supplementation in very preterm and very low birth weight babies has beneficial effects. We conducted a survey to shed light on the current use of probiotics across neonatal units in England, in light of recent recommendations. To our knowledge this is the first comprehensive survey of probiotic use covering all levels of neonatal units in England.

Ashok Karupaiah
Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatal Clinical Lead, Department of Paediatrics and Neonates, Walsall Manor Hospital NHS Trust

Abdulhakim Abdurrazaq
Locum Consultant, Department of Paediatrics, Walsall Manor Hospital NHS Trust

Josephine Quaynor
Specialty Trainee in Paediatrics, West Midlands Deanery

Karupaiah A., Abdurrazaq A., Quaynor J. Current use of probiotics in neonatal units in England. Infant 2023; 19(3): 84-86.

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probiotics; necrotising enterocolitis; late onset sepsis; preterm infant
Key points
  1. Uptake of probiotics in neonatal units across England continues to be low, especially in special care baby units and local neonatal units.
  2. It is possible that uncertainties around bacterial strain selection and a lack of national guidance could be contributing to poor uptake in some units.

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