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Neonatal intubation skills: results of a national trainee survey

Neonatal intubation is a vital procedure, however, there are fewer opportunities for paediatric trainees to become proficient in this skill. This survey provides information about trainees’ current experiences of educational training, exposure and skills with regards to achieving neonatal airway competence as well as providing suggestions to inform future training and workforce planning.

Katie Evans
Neonatal GRID trainee
Ashford and St Peter's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Kathryn Macallister
Neonatal GRID trainee
St Michael’s Hospital Bristol

Jennifer Waspe
Anaesthetic Trainee
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS

Eleri Adams
BAPM President and Consultant Neonatologist,
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Cheryl Battersby
BAPM Data and Informatics Lead and Academic Neonatologist
Imperial College London

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neonatal intubation; specialty trainee; airway management; workforce planning; education; survey
Key points
  1. Opportunities to develop neonatal intubation skills are falling for UK-based trainees.
  2. Training and experience with neonatal intubation is variable and it is important to quantify this to identify areas for improvement.
  3. The recent removal of neonatal intubation as a core competency for level 1 trainees should act as a prompt for the neonatal community to consider how to train and workforce plan to safeguard future infants.

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