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Swaddle bathing: an improved experience for preterm infants

Swaddle bathing for preterm infants was introduced in a level three neonatal unit in Scotland. The effects on the babies’ temperatures and stress levels were assessed. Staff and parents provided feedback/testimonials on their experiences with swaddle bathing. This initiative is no longer exclusive to preterm neonates; any neonate that is deemed medically stable can be given a swaddle bath.

Michelle Brooks
Advanced Specialist Nurse – Neonatal Practice Education

Gill Currie
Advanced Practitioner Neonatal Occupational Therapist

Neonatal Unit, University Hospital Wishaw, Scotland

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swaddle bathing; tub bathing; developmentally supportive care; family-centred care; infant stress
Key points
  1. Swaddle bathing has become standard practice in the neonatal unit at University Hospital Wishaw.
  2. Babies cry less during bathing and appear relaxed; parents, babies and staff enjoy the experience.
  3. No babies have experienced any undesirable effects, including hypothermia.

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