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NNAP can help neonatal units to plan improvement

Of the 750,000 babies born each year in England, Scotland and Wales, nearly 105,000 receive specialist neonatal care. The National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP) supports professionals, families and commissioners in their efforts to evolve and improve the care provided to these babies.

Sam Oddie
Consultant Neonatologist and Clinical Lead for the National Neonatal Audit Programme
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delivery room cuddle; family-centred care; skin-to-skin; parental bonding
Key points
  1. The delivery room cuddle (DRC) has a strong positive impact on babies and their families.
  2. Parents describe how early contact with their baby helps bonding and stress relief at a traumatic time.
  3. Perinatal teams are encouraged to embrace the DRC to provide family-centred care from the moment of birth.

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