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Supplier Guide

Delta Medical International Ltd

6 Oldwell Close, Sheffield, S17 4AW, U.K.
Telephone: 07765 008634


January 31, 2020Delta Medical developmental care range expanded
December 19, 2017Alternative neonatal pacifiers are available from Delta Medical
October 16, 2017Delta Medical launches jaundice products
July 30, 2017Delta Medical introduces JollyPop Pacifiers
April 30, 2016New company focuses on neonatal products


Apnea/Cardiorespiratory Monitors

Delta Medical RM15 Apnoea Monitor - Apnoea Monitor with disposable sensor


MBJ20 Jaundice Meter - Transcutaneous Jaundice Meter

Developmental Care Products

Delta Neo Developmental Care Products - Positioning Boundaries and Positioning Equipment

Delta Neo Soft Gel - Soft Gel Positioning Products

Tortle Midliner Head Positioning System - Supports Head Positioning for Preterm Infants

Enteral Feeding

Gel Packs

Glucose Gel - Single patient glucose for hypoglycaemia

Sugar Babies - 40% Glucose gel for hypoglycaemia


Shelly Incubator - Neonatal Care Incubator

IV Equipment & Accessories

Examination lamps - LED Lights for incubators

IV Stands - Colourful IV Stands for Paediatric Patients

Neonatal Arm Boards - Supports tiny limbs during cannulation

Phototherapy Eye Shades - Soft Protection During Phototherapy Treatment

Vein Lite Paediatric - Transilluminator for Venous Access



Lilly Phototherapy System - Advanced LED Phototherapy Lamp

Skin Care

Baby Calmine - 24% Sucrose Solution

Reli-Wipe Saline Baby Wipe - 0.9% Sterile Saline Baby Wipe

Turtle Tub Swaddle Bathing - Facilitates Safe Swaddle Bathing


JollyPop - Neonatal Pacifiers



Temperature Regulation/Warming