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Radiometer marks 70 years of acute care diagnostics

Radiometer used to be a small Danish company that produced devices for the radio industry. The company launched the world’s first commercially available blood gas analyser in 1954.

It is now a company with more than 4,400 Radiometer associates and is celebrating 70 years of providing acute care diagnostic solutions for healthcare providers. Its devices are used in hospitals, clinics, and labs in more than 120 countries. impacting around 24 million patients each year.

"At Radiometer, we are committed to providing diagnostic solutions to support caregivers," says Jose Antunes, Vice President and GM, Acute Care Diagnostics.

Francis Van Parys, President and CEO, adds: "With the Astrup Apparatus we entered the healthcare industry and the space of acute care diagnostics. Little did we know that this device would come to transform the healthcare industry forever. That it would impact millions of lives around the world.

“We started our venture in the blood gas industry by helping the aid of polio patients. Now, critically ill patients are the centre of everything we do, and that work continues to this day, impacting around 24 million patients each year."

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President and CEO of Radiometer Francis Van Parys.

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