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Inequalities in maternity care to be tackled as NIHR launches £50m ‘Challenge’ funding

Recent evidence suggests that black women in the UK are almost three times more likely to die during pregnancy or up to six weeks after pregnancy compared to white women. Asian women are twice as likely to die during pregnancy or shortly after, compared to white women.

The Department for Health and Social Care’s women’s health priorities for 2024 have prioritised maternity care and birth trauma support, as well as menstrual problems and the menopause.

The NIHR has launched a £50m ‘Challenge’ funding to tackle the inequalities in maternity care. Research will be funded and targeted where it is needed most.

A diverse research consortium involving experts from across the UK will research how to tackle inequalities to save lives of mothers and babies. The key aim is identifying where measurable improvements can be made in specific areas. It is expected that relevant focus groups formed of charities, patient groups, community groups and life science industry professionals will also be involved. With the consortium established, specific research projects will be identified.

The first stage of the new funding call opens on 13th March and closes on 22nd May. Those organisations that are suitably qualified may apply to be part of the consortium.

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First ever ‘Challenge’ NIHR funding call launched, with £50m backing.