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CPD modules freely available for neonatal professionals

The Health Professional Academy has launched two online learning modules aimed at neonatal professionals:

  1. Non-nutritive sucking (NNS) – a non-pharmacological practice used in the neonatal unit to provide psychological comfort and calming effects for babies. It also reduces pain caused by medical interventions, especially when skin-to-skin contact, rocking or breastfeeding are not possible.
  2. Preterm baby nappies in the neonatal unit – this module examines the challenges of poorly fitting nappies for premature and low birth weight babies and considers the best solutions. Examples of currently available nappies and how they aid practice are demonstrated.

Healthcare professionals can register for free to gain access to these modules at:" target="new"

Learn about non-nutritive sucking and preterm baby nappies at the Health Professional Academy.

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