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Mum’s book raises money for NICU that kept her baby alive

In Their Hands is a moving account of one baby’s traumatic birth followed by her time in intensive care.

When Sophie was born, the chances of her surviving seemed low; this book tells the story of how expert care by NHS nurses and doctors helped her to stay alive. The book is both a tribute to the devotion of the staff at University College London Hospital’s (UCLH) neonatal unit and a testament to a mother and father's overwhelming love for their child.

Emma Innes, mother of the now seven-year-old Sophie, has released her book to raise money for the neonatal unit that saved her daughter’s life. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to Early Lives, the charity of the UCLH neonatal unit.

In Their Hands: A Fight for Life at One Minute Old, a story of traumatic birth and critical illness.