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Alder Hey and Isansys Lifecare form new partnership to trial wireless patient monitoring system

A collaboration between Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool, and Isansys Lifecare will use the state-of-the-art Patient Status Engine (PSE) wireless patient monitoring system as part of a new research trial.

The technology will allow clinicians at the Alder Hey to monitor young patients at home as if they were in hospital, providing the patients’ vital signs continuously at a central monitoring station or on mobile devices 24 hours a day and ultimately integrating this key data into the electronic medical record system. With this information, clinicians and community care teams can work seamlessly together to provide personalised care plans for young patients at home, eliminating the stress and disruption of admission, or readmission, to the hospital.

The PSE is a wireless patient monitoring platform incorporating unobtrusive wearable sensors that allows clinicians to monitor patients in hospital and at home by automatically collecting real-time physiological data such as heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and body temperature. Real time analysis of this data provides intelligent alerts and early warnings to care teams back in the hospital or in the community. This information enables faster and more certain decision making, providing opportunities for earlier and potentially simpler interventions. Knowing when a patient needs on-site support is a powerful way of reducing stress for the care team.

The digital project will ensure that the hospital can continue to treat sick patients and promptly discharge those who could be monitored in community settings.

Alder Hey and Isansys Lifecare: a new partnership.

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