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Nestlé Nutrition Institute launches Microbiome Academy

Visit the newly launched Microbiome Academy to find scientific information and resources, including infographics, short videos, articles and interviews with experts on everything microbiome.

The gut microbiome – the ecosystem of microorganisms living in gastrointestinal tracts – is increasingly recognised as a key to many aspects of human health. During infancy and early childhood, sequential development of the gut microbiome underpins appropriate maturation of the immune system and healthy metabolism, and is linked to neurocognitive development. Nutrition is essential for the process of establishing a healthy gut microbiome, with the essential role of breastfeeding in early months and the important role of diet diversity in stimulating the maturation of a diverse gut microbiome.

The Nestlé Nutrition Institute is a not-for-profit association with the goal to advance the science of nutrition. Microbiome Academy can be found at:

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