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NIPE updates handbook and screening pathways

Public Health England has published an updated version of the NHS Newborn and Infant Physical Examination (NIPE) Screening Programme clinical guidance handbook. It includes updated information and clinical guidance to assist NIPE practitioners.

Parents of babies in England are offered a newborn physical examination for their child shortly after the birth (ideally within 72 hours) and an infant physical examination at 6-8 weeks old. These examinations screen for conditions relating to their eyes, heart, hip and (in boys) testes.

Some of the changes in the updated version include:

  • further clarification of training requirements for NIPE practitioners, including university accreditation and guidance when student midwives undertake pre-registration NIPE training

  • amended guidance for when the NIPE examination is declined

  • clarification of the term ‘too ill for NIPE newborn screening’ and addition of a list of potential conditions to consider as mitigating reasons if the newborn screening is delayed

  • updated guidance when transferring a baby between providers and the reminder of the failsafe processes that should be in place

  • small changes to the screen positive criteria for hip screening (removal of skin creases)

  • further reference to the evidence regarding management of babies with clicky hip (no follow up required), which supports the 2018 national hip screening consultation.

The newborn physical examination screens for conditions relating to infant’s eyes, heart, hip and (in boys) testes.