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Respiration: a guide to the latest equipment

Neonatal respiratory conditions are one of the most common reasons for admission to a neonatal unit. A preterm baby, or one born at term with a medical condition, may struggle to breathe by itself and need extra support. In this issue of Infant, we look at the latest products designed to support newborn respiration.

Intersurgical, a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of medical devices for respiratory care and support, offers an extensive product range including a small, lightweight tracheostomy heat and moisture exchanger (HME) – the Hydro-Therm Micro. The device is suitable for neonates and infants with a tracheostomy for short-term procedures and during transportation between departments. Designed to replicate the functions of the body’s upper airway by conserving expired heat and moisture and returning it to the patient during inhalation, the Hydro-Therm Micro has an open-celled foam HME that optimises surface area and maximises moisture return.

As well as providing effective warming therapy for a newborn baby, a radiant warmer can be vital for emergency resuscitation. The BQ80 4-in-1 infant radiant warmer, available from Central Medical Supplies, is a power-ful nursing platform that combines resuscitation, monitoring, radiant warming and phototherapy devices. The BQ80 has an inbuilt monitoring option that can capture the vital signs and waveforms of newborns in real time during resuscitation, which eliminates the need for an additional patient monitor.

The Dräger Babylog VN800 comes with a new user interface and design making it easier and safer to operate. The neonatal ventilator supports lung and brain protective ventilation modes throughout the whole respiratory cycle. It supports smooth and seamless transition from oxygen therapy to non-invasive ventilation to invasive ventilation and vice versa.

A set of treatment tools supports the operator to apply the right protective lung and brain ventilation strategy to prevent lung injury, haemodynamic and neurological impairment. The user interface combined with timely glass-touch technology supports intuitive operation and lowers education times and possible errors. It is quick and safe to operate even in the most stressful of situations. Step-by-step guidance leads the user through every procedure. The 360° alarm light flashes in the colour of the corresponding alarm priority and is visible from every direction. All patient data, alarms and trends are fully recorded and can be conveniently exported via USB interface.

NeoFlow Humidified Resuscitation Limbs deliver humidified gases to a newborn baby needing stabilisation. The use of humidified gases has been shown to provide improvements in admission temperature while also supporting better respiratory function. Neoflow Humidified Resuscitation Limbs can provide respiratory support through face masks or tracheal tubes. Further benefits include: BioCote antimicrobial protection, additional connectors to accommodate all types of neonatal resuscitation devices and a double swivel elbow. NeoFlow is available from Armstrong Medical.