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A new method for wrapping neonates during echocardiography

Ahmed Yousef
Locum Neonatal Consultant with special interest in neonatal targeted echocardiography, City Hospital Birmingham, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust

Neonatal echocardiography is a common cotside procedure in daily neonatal practice yet conducting echocardiography in active, undressed and awake babies is challenging. They frequently move during the procedure, especially their upper limbs, as no doubt they feel some discomfort.

Non-pharmaceutical measures such as cuddles, sucrose and use of a dummy can calm the baby and help to make the technique easier. Asking assistance from another staff member to help hold the baby during the procedure is common, but neonatal units are busy places and it is not always possible for the operator to find another helping hand.

I would like to share with Infant readers a new method for wrapping the baby, which I have developed. This method comforts the baby as well as giving it a feeling of security. It facilitates neonatal echocardiography in combination with other non-pharmaceutical measures. I have found this technique to be successful for conducting the cardiac scan in newborn babies.


Keep the undressed baby supine on a blanket/towel with the blanket’s upper edge parallel to the baby’s shoulders.


Hold the upper edges of the blanket and fold over the baby’s arms.


Fold the lateral edges of the blanket so that they are wrapped under the upper limbs with the limbs adducted.


Fold the lower part of the blanket underneath the baby.


Cover the lower half of the baby below the umbilicus with another blanket.