Infant Journal
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Neonatal transport: a guide to the latest equipment

Neonatal transport teams caring for sick and premature newborns require highly specialised equipment to ensure the best outcomes for critically ill babies. In this issue of Infant, we look at the latest products designed to keep a baby stable, warm and safe during the most challenging of neonatal transfers.

The KangooFix Neonatal Restraint System from Ferno was developed to safely and effectively cradle and secure a newborn during ambulance transportation, allowing the baby to travel with its parent while maintaining close contact at all times. The five-point outer harness attaches to the ambulance cot harness, a quick release system allows fast access for healthcare professionals, the inner harness and warming cover ensure breathability and comfort, and the snug cocoon design and integrated skull cap provide a secure fit and keep the baby warm.

TECOtherm NEO is a portable cooling device that can be used for road or air transfers. It uses an innovative servo-controlled design with instant feedback – monitoring the infant's temperature every few seconds and making changes to the cooling fluid to ensure that the infant’s temperature remains stable. The device uses a mattress for full body temperature control; to improve performance, the mattress can be wrapped around the infant’s body and closed with straps. Central Medical Supplies distributes both reusable and disposable mattresses for use with the TECOtherm NEO.

The NxtGen Transport Incubator offers easy access to the patient and a touch screen user interface. Its compact design is safe and secure for air or ground transport. It can be customised with optional ventilators and monitors and it has a number of advanced features, including intelligent thermoregulation, an integrated heated mattress and a lightweight battery with extended life. The NxtGen Transport Incubator is distributed in the UK by Inspiration Healthcare Group.