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Preterm weaning guidance in the UK: background to the updated Bliss parent information

The weaning process, also known as introduction of complementary foods, is much more than just a change in the type of food a baby takes to obtain nutrition. It also has social, developmental, psychological, physical and medical connotations. Food and meals are the centre of many celebrations and often define cultural identity. Therefore, guiding parents to help their babies build a healthy and pleasurable relationship with food and eating is a key objective during weaning, and this can be aided by having comprehensive and unified guidelines. Such weaning publications have been provided by Bliss (a national independent parent support organisation) since 2002. The most recent update of the Bliss preterm weaning guidance features some adjusted recommendations;1 this article provides a summary of the history of Bliss weaning recommendations to date and provides an insight into the rationale for the adjusted recommendations.

Caroline King
Retired Neonatal Dietitian formerly of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Lorraine Cairns
Clinical Specialist Neonatal Dietitian, Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow

Annie Aloysius
Clinical Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (Neonatology), Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Stephanie Tagani
Clinical Specialist Neonatal Dietitian, Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust

Ailie Hodgson
Care Coordinator and Clinical Specialist Neonatal Occupational Therapist, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Trust

Rosie Hurlston
Clinical Specialist Neonatal Psychologist, Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust

Charlotte Xanthidis
Clinical Specialist Neonatal Physiotherapist, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

King C., Cairns L., Aloysius A., Tagani S., Hodgson A., Hurlston R., Xanthidis C. Preterm weaning guidance in the UK: background to the updated Bliss parent information. Infant 2024;20(1):10-15.

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