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Temperature management: a guide to the latest equipment

Neonates are acutely vulnerable to the harmful effects of thermal stress yet management of body temperature in newborn infants is often challenging. Various methods for maintaining normothermia and preventing heat loss are used; here, we take a look at the latest innovations in equipment for temperature management.

The Atom Sunflower Radiant Warmer from Walters Medical offers total support from postnatal treatment to the neonatal unit. Its versatile design can be customised with a range of peripheral devices to suit requirements, for example a phototherapy unit, examination light, weight monitor and syringe pump. It offers an accessible workspace for surgical treatment and a resuscitation unit (T-piece resuscitator, oxygen blender and suction unit).

Also from Walters Medical, the Dual Incu I by Atom is a dual-mode incubator that can perform in a wide range of hospital settings through its incubator (‘closed care’) and infant warmer (‘open care’) modes. It also functions as a transport incubator, enabling continuous care from the delivery room to the neonatal unit.

Central Medical Supplies (CMS) is the sole UK distributor for the Kanmed Baby Warmer, which is designed to help babies >1kg to maintain their core temperature and achieve normothermia outside of an incubator. By gently transferring warmth from the mattress to the baby, the Baby Warmer enables newborn and premature babies to be moved out of an incubator sooner. The Kanmed Baby Warmer is uniquely able to offer non-incubator support to neonates at much lower birth weights, with similar outcomes to incubator care. It can be used with the Kanmed BabyBed to create the Kanmed Baby Warming System. The Baby Warmer is available with a choice of interchangeable mattresses, which include water and gel. A water mattress is considered to provide the ultimate efficiency, while the gel option offers convenience. The control unit is easy to use with a clear display that shows when the mattress has reached the selected temperature.

The Babyleo TN500 is Dräger’s first IncuWarmer that provides optimal warming as an incubator, as a radiant warmer and during the transition between closed and open care. The convective heater, dual radiant warmer and heated mattress are synchronised to keep the temperature stable so heat loss and overheating are avoided. The convective heater is activated on a low level while the radiant heater is running so when switching modes, the transition can happen immediately giving quick access without heat loss. The device design and large variable height adjustment allow parents to comfortably get closer to their baby and make families feel welcome when visiting. The dedicated and personalised ‘Family View’ clearly displays the baby’s therapy status and progress so it is easy to understand at a glance – helping to integrate parents into the care process.