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Exploring the pre-hospital setting for the emergency care and transfer of neonates: the role of UK ambulance and neonatal transport services

Babies born before arrival (BBA) of a healthcare professional in the pre-hospital setting have a higher risk of morbidity and mortality than those born in the presence of professionals, both in low- and high-income countries.1,2 Furthermore, an increasing body of evidence shows that babies that are born extremely premature or with congenital abnormalities are more likely to survive if born in a hospital with access to tertiary neonatal intensive care services.3,4 Whether BBA or born outside of a tertiary unit, these babies will be attended to by the UK ambulance service or a commissioned neonatal transport service. As we look forward to the future of neonatal care, this special report aims to discuss the role the ambulance service plays in enhancing neonatal care provision. We highlight considerations for acute care providers, integrated care boards and neonatal networks in working cross sector to optimise care to this cohort of patients.

Stephanie Heys
Consultant Midwife, The Northwest Ambulance Service, Senior Research Leader, NIHR,

James Yates
Specialist Paramedic (Critical Care), Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

Camella Main
Lead Midwife, London Ambulance Service

Patrick Turton
Lead Nurse, Southwest Neonatal Advice and Retrieval (SoNAR)

Dawn Kerslake
Consultant Midwife, The South East Coast Ambulance Service

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