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A dorsal urethral cyst in a newborn:an image case report

Parameatal urethral cysts are benign congenital lesions of the penis that are extremely rare in the newborn period. This article presents the case of a term infant with glanular hypospadias and a cystic lesion extending from the glans penis.

Sarah Arthur
Paediatric Registrar
Severn Deanery

Pieter Van-Hensbergen
Neonatal Consultant, Musgrove Park Hospital, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

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parameatal cyst; glanular hypospadias; meatoplasty
Key points
  1. Parameatal cysts are rare and maybe unfamiliar to paediatric, neonatal and midwifery staff.
  2. A parameatal cyst with associated hypospadias in newborn babies is extremely rare.
  3. Referral to a urologist may be necessary.