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Developing newly qualified nurses’ confidence within neonatal intensive care

Newly-registered nurses can struggle with the transition from student to practitioner; achieving competence within a critical care area, such as neonatal care, can be particularly challenging. Education is pivotal for nurturing new registrants so that they stay in their specialist area. A neonatal competency framework for new neonatal nurses in their first year of practice was implemented in South Wales. This article discusses the importance of supporting new nurses to develop their knowledge, skills, confidence and competence in neonatal care and why this is important for staff retention.

Jessica M. Beynon
Practice Development Lead Neonatal Services Singleton Hospital, Swansea Bay
Health Board

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newly registered nurse; nursing confidence; competency document; change management
Key points
  1. There was need to address common issues of ‘transition shock’ in new registrants within neonatal care.
  2. A common competency document was implemented across a number of neonatal units within South Wales
  3. Development of a programme for newly registered staff nurses improved their knowledge, skills, confidence and competence, and helped to retain staff.

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