Infant Journal
for neonatal and paediatric healthcare professionals

neonatal jaundice; hyperbilirubinaemia; phototherapy; neonatal outreach team;
Key points
  1. Biliblankets are a user-friendly form of phototherapy treatment for hyperbilirubinaemia.
  2. Home phototherapy reduces the number of babies needing a hospital stay.
  3. Providing there is appropriate training for parents and support from the outreach team, a home phototherapy programme is feasible, safe and well received by families and staff.

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Effects of interactive behavioural cues-based massage on hyperbilirubinaemia, breastfeeding and growth of term infants
Infant massage is indicated for increased weight gain and improved neurodevelopment in term and preterm infants. In addition, massage therapy has been known to decrease bilirubin levels and promote stool frequency in term infants and improve self-confidence in new mothers. This study evaluates the effects of an interactive behavioural cues-based infant massage programme on admission rates for hyperbilirubinaemia, frequency of breastfeeding and the growth of healthy term infants. The findings suggest that training mothers to identify infant behaviour cues has beneficial effects.