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NNAP can help neonatal units to plan improvement

Of the 750,000 babies born each year in England, Scotland and Wales, nearly 105,000 receive specialist neonatal care. The National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP) supports professionals, families and commissioners in their efforts to evolve and improve the care provided to these babies.

Sam Oddie
Consultant Neonatologist and Clinical Lead for the National Neonatal Audit Programme
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biobank; translational research; biological samples
Key points
  1. Research improves care and outcomes for preterm infants but biological sampling specifically for research purposes is practically and ethically challenging and limited by patient size.
  2. A ‘salvage’ system was established for a specific research study. To avoid disposal of these valuable specimens, a biobank was created for these and other samples for use in future research.
  3. The aims and process, parental perspectives, challenges and successes are described to promote the use and development of other similar collections

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