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June 30, 2017

Vygon Group launches website dedicated to safety connectors

Vygon Group has launched safe-enteral.com, a website dedicated to safety connectors and associated therapeutic implications in a bid to raise awareness among medical staff about the benefits of new standardised enteral connectors and the potential risks when used in premature neonates.

Vygon has been involved for several years in the creation of the ISO 80369-3 standard. Released in July 2016 and known as ENFit, the connector has a distinctive geometric shape that prevents connection errors between enteral feeding systems and other administration systems. However, for some high-risk patient populations, such as premature and newborn infants, the ENFit connector can involve a risk of drug overdose.

In addressing this issue a new syringe, the ENFit Low-Dose Tip, was designed to meet the need for accurate dosing in neonatology. There is a stringent accompanying protocol for the system, to achieve an accurate dose. This complex protocol adds further stages to current procedures; however this can lead to dosing errors as a result of inadequate or outdated training, distraction, forgetfulness or a member of staff operating on 'autopilot'.

In launching the website the company's aim is twofold: to provide information on the significant progress that the ENFit safety enteral connector represents for the majority of patients and to raise awareness among doctors and hospital staff of the risks of overdose for premature neonates. The site contains a number of information resources on the new ISO standard and the Vygon product range.


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