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Volume 16/Issue 2, March 2020

A neonatal short-term home nasogastric tube feeding programme

Katherine Wood, Frances O’Brien, Karen Liddle, Rhys Dore

Every neonatal unit will be familiar with a cohort of mid to late preterm babies who are otherwise well but spend the last few weeks of their admission establishing sucking feeds. These babies can spend several days to weeks weaning off nasogastric tube (NGT) feeds after they have been deemed medically ready for discharge. A solution to help speed up discharge for these babies is a short-term home NGT feeding programme. This article looks at the experiences and outcomes over the first five years of setting up a short-term home NGT programme on the neonatal unit at John Radcliffe Hospital.

Wood K., O’Brien F., Liddle K., Dore R. A neonatal short-term home nasogastric tube feeding programme. Infant 2020;16(2): 67-71.
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