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Volume 15/Issue 5, September 2019

Haemorrhagic shock revealing a neonatal Wilms’ tumour

Fatma Fitouri, Yasmine Houas, Nizar Sassi, Sondes Sahli, Mourad Hamzaoui

This case report describes a neonatal Wilms’ tumour in a 20-day-old boy that was revealed in unusual circumstances. The infant was admitted to the intensive care unit with haemorrhagic shock and an abdominal mass. Following transfusion and stabilisation, scans showed a left kidney tumour with haemorrhage. The infant underwent a left ureteronephrectomy with reduced-dose chemotherapy. At the six-year follow-up examination he was free of recurrence and metastases.

Fitouri F., Houas Y., Sassi N., Sahli S., Hamzaoui M. Haemorrhagic shock revealing a neonatal Wilms’ tumour. Infant 2019;15(5): 190-91.
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