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Volume 15/Issue 3, May 2019

Airway management in neonatal intensive care units: the PIC-NIC survey

Katie E. Foy, Timothy M. Cook, Bernie Marden, Fiona E. Kelly

Improvements in airway management have occurred in almost all UK adult intensive care units following the publication of the Fourth National Audit Project (NAP4) in 2011. Subsequently the PIC-NIC survey investigated whether the lessons learned from NAP4 had filtered into paediatric practice. This article highlights the relevant findings for neonatal healthcare professionals by discussing the high-risk nature of neonatal airway management and strategies that might be used to improve safety including planning for difficulty, immediate access to emergency airway equipment and the role of continuous waveform capnography and videolaryngoscopy.

Foy K.E., Cook T.M., Marden B., Kelly F.E. Airway management in neonatal intensive care units: the PIC-NIC survey. Infant 2019;15(3): 92-94.
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