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Volume 14/Issue 4, July 2018

Do mothers understand the reasons for giving vitamin K to their newborn babies?

Victoria Stokes, Anthony Emmerson, Arindam Mukherjee

Late-onset vitamin K deficiency bleeding has serious implications for newborn infants. This service evaluation project assesses current provision of information regarding prophylactic vitamin K and the level of maternal understanding of the reasons for giving it. New mothers were interviewed about their knowledge of vitamin K. Although 97% of mothers had heard of it, only 28% actually understood the purpose of vitamin K prophylaxis. There are a number of sources of information about vitamin K available to expectant mothers but the information sharing process fails to achieve sufficient knowledge to enable informed consent. There is a need to improve information sharing tools during the antenatal or post-labour period.

Stokes V., Emmerson A., Mukherjee A. Do mothers understand the reasons for giving vitamin K to their newborn babies?Infant 2018;14(4): 155-58.
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