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CosyTherm warming system

Innovative neonatal warming technology

CosyTherm, a warming system for neonates and infants, uses Inditherm’s patented flexible polymer technology to provide high thermal transfer characteristics and fast warm-up. The system is highly effective and can be used as an alternative to an incubator, where only warming is required, as a step-down, or in place of a radiant warmer.

Safety and convenience are enhanced with open access to the patient and no use of water or circulating air. Warming is achieved using a fully sealed, lightweight mattress, operating at low voltage, which is easy to clean. CosyTherm is simple to operate with a selection of temperature ranges to suit different clinical requirements. A viscoelastic pressure-relieving pad is integrated into the mattress. CosyTherm fits all standard cribs or cots, making it simple to add to existing equipment and reducing cost. It is robust with no maintenance required other than cleaning and is suitable for use in NICU, SCBU, postnatal wards and delivery suites.


Inspiration Healthcare

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