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Supplier Guide

This is our guide to suppliers of products and services for the neonatal care sector, where you can browse by product category, or seach by company or product name.

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Equipment and services for maintaining and monitoring neonatal circulation.
Blood Gas Analysers/Monitors -- Blood Pressure Monitors -- Blood Sampling Systems -- Cannulas -- Cardiac Output Monitors -- Catheters -- Cuffs, Blood Pressure -- Dialysis -- ECG/Heart Rate/EEG Monitors -- Heel Stick Device -- IV Equipment & Accessories -- Oximeters


Equipment and services for imaging and sample analysis.
Blood Analysis -- Diagnostic Services -- Electrolyte Analysers -- Glucose Analysers -- Haemoglobin Testing -- Magnetic Resonance Imaging -- Ultrasound -- Urine Analysis -- X-Ray


Sundry essential equipment for the NICU.
Anaesthesia Equipment -- Developmental Care Products -- Emergency Resuscitation Equipment -- Furniture/Cots -- Nursing Agency -- Suction Equipment -- Training Mannequins/Models


Equipment for maintaining optimal environmental conditions for neonates.
Incubators -- Thermo Regulation/Warmers -- Thermometers/Temperature Monitors


Equipment for monitoring vital signs, including cerebral function and temperature.
Bilirubinometers -- Cerebral Function Monitoring -- Doppler -- Fetal Monitors -- Glucose Monitors -- Monitors -- Scales/Measuring Devices -- Stethoscopes -- Video monitoring


Products and services for parentaeral or natural feeding, including supplements.
Bottles, Feeding -- Breast Packs/Pads/Shells/Shields -- Breast Pumps -- Enteral Feeding -- Formula Feeding -- Milk Banking -- Parenteral Feeding -- Probiotics -- Supplements


Equipment for facilitating and monitoring infant breathing.
Apnea/Cardiorespiratory Monitors -- Capnographs -- Endotracheal Tubes and Holders -- Gas Monitors -- High Frequency Oscillation Ventilators -- Humidifiers -- Intubation -- Laryngoscopes -- Medical Gas Controls -- Medical Gases -- Nasal CPAP Devices -- Nasal High Flow Devices -- Nebulisers -- Nitric Oxide Equipment -- Oxygen Analysers/Sensors -- Oxygen Hoods -- Oxygen Monitors -- Respiratory Care -- Resuscitators -- Surfactant Therapy -- Surfactants, Intratracheal -- Tubes, Tracheostomy -- Ventilators


Professional services in support of the NICU.
Architecture/Interior Design -- Associations -- Bereavement -- Charity -- Courses -- Data Management -- Hearing Screening


Everyday disposables and tools.
Accessories/Disposables -- Clothing -- Disinfectants/Cleaners -- Electrodes -- Gel Packs -- Gloves -- Nappies -- Pharmaceuticals -- Skin Preps/Cleaners -- Soothers -- Syringes -- Urinary Bags -- Wound Dressings


Equipment for heat, light and fluid therapies.
Anti-viral Therapy -- Fluid Therapy -- Infusion Devices -- Oxygen Therapy -- Skin Care


Equipment for routine and high dependency transport.
Baby Seat/Safety Equipment -- Transport Services -- Transport Systems

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