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Volume 16/Issue 4, July 2020

What do we know about COVID-19 in infants?

Qais Gasibat, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia, and Faculty of Medical Technology, Misurata, Libya

Dear Editor
It has been observed that adults are more severely affected by COVID-19 than children. According to the 45 published studies up until 18 March 2020, children account for only 5% of diagnosed COVID-19 cases and they experience milder disease and fewer deaths. Among all infants that were admitted to hospital, only 7% (11 infants) needed intensive care support with ventilation. China has reported a study of nine infants that needed intensive care support with mechanical ventilation because of serious complications. One infant passed away within four weeks of admission due to multi-organ failure caused by COVID-19. One infant died due to complications of intussusception. In another study, 33 infants suffered from serious infections and seven infants were critically ill, but no infant died.

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